Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prompt Three

Spain would have benefitted immensely by accepting both Catholics and Protestants. Although this was almost unheard of then, it would have decreased Spain's enemies, for Philip II was constantly attempting to do things for the better of his country but for Catholicism as well. One reason that Spain saw a decline in its power was because of depopulation. If Protestants were never sent out of the country (along with many other peoples), Spain's population would not have dropped by so much. If Philip had allowed Protestantism, he may not have had as much of a problem with the Protestant Elizabeth of England.


Cote Laramie said...

That is FOR SURE SAM!! I definitely agree. There was this sense of religious prejudice that harmed SPain in the end. It was the boldness of king Philips refusal of the Netherlands's proposal to leave out the Inquisition in the Netherlands that started the revolt. It was the Spanish/Catholic zeal that England was opposed to; if they had forgotten about the Heretic Queen they would've had less trouble in the battles of the Spanish Armada.

Becca DC said...

I also agree. This would have been the idle situation but unfortunately when a ruler is blinded by religion they can't accept religious differences. I think that they think it makes them look weak. Like they don't have control over their own people.