Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prompt 3 babyy

Personally Spain were just a bunch of lazy arrogant rich people. They only relied on the shiny valuable things that were being imported from South America which definitely made them extremely rich in the first place but as the amount of valuables coming dropped, they had no source of money since they didn't really care about the material things they could sell. Secondly, they didn't work. They basically had a system where they rich people got more rich because of the gold they imported, but they didn't work for actual income. Sounds great does it not? Thirdly they started a war they couldn't finish and their royal house became filled with inbreds. So basically Spain was a dreamland when they were importing tons and tons of gold. No work, plenty of income, no conflicts with other countries, hey life was great. Then, all of a sudden, the amount of gold dramatically changes, forcing people who have never had a job to attempt to get one and a war breaks out with the Dutch. If the Spanish had stopped to think for a second they would have realized how almost "dumb" they really were. It easily could have been avoided or prevented if they had been more humble and thought of the future and not get caught up in the moment with riches.


SamStewart said...

I don't think they were a lazy bunch of people really, they just didn't really have to do any work for a long time, and when the time came when they had to start doing real work again, they had basically forgotten how and lost all work ethic. Plus Charles 2 was an idiot..not really his fault though..

The Captain said...

I have to agree with you Atticus, the spanish were a bunch of lazy slackers, but I have to wonder why the government let that happen. How come Charles II didn't take advantage of the Poor Law ideaology and apply it to Spain? If the Spainish people had actually worked during their Golden Age, I believe it could have been just as successful and prosperous as Italy's.