Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prompt 1

I think that the question Gold God or Glory all depends on whose eyes you're looking from. I think if you are an explorer especially one of the first like Columbus (Spain) and others, you are looking purely for glory. Columbus wanted to find an alternate route to far east. Even until his death the stubborn man thought that he had reached the Indies. He was filled with the glory of it. However, if you are a King or type of Ruler, you must be looking for some type of financial gain out of it. Queen Isabella of Castile sent Columbus to beat Portugal to India to seek a trading route. For Columbus's first trip he only had 3 ships. But Once Isabella saw the financial gain she sent 17 ships and over a thousand workmen to start business.

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SamStewart said...

Thats a very good point Robert. I'm sure most of the explorers were looking for glory, while those who financed their trips wanted the financial gain. Everyone wanted something different out of the Americas, so I don't think saying one of the three(gold,glory,god) can encompass all of the feelings that went into exploration of the Americas.