Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Prompt # 1

Like those before me, I believe that yes it was and has to have been a combination of all three of those motivations in the New World. And in my opinion, no one type of person or people were subject or restricted to be motivated by only one. For instance, when Queen Isabella funded Columbus's trip to reach the Indies by sailing west, she not only was looking for a new trade route and goods and gold, but I believe that she was also looking for glory among her people which she did when Spain eventually entered the "Golden Age" because of these events. I must agree with Cote that god was a very consequential motivation in the New World. When Columbus among others arrived there, people realized that this was a place for Christianity to flourish, explaining the huge pouring in of missionaries set on spreading their religion to anybody who seemed ready or even not ready to listen. God was not a factor to Columbus in any way for this trip. There is no way around that, since it's pretty obvious that he sought gold and in my view, more important for him, a chance to prove himself worthy since he'd been turned down so many times or in one word, glory.


Cote Laramie said...

Hey benny benny benny benny benny benny! Heeey Benny!

Cote Laramie said...

Well Ben you make a good point. It did mean different things to different people. And I forgot about the golden age. Good one! I wonder if Columbus brought any missionaries over with him. I'll bet he did. But I'd say (as you did) that it was gold and he was trying to prove himself. I mean he was given threee ships he was going to have to bring something back whether it was a bunch of indians a bunch of gold or a bunch of soulcrushing shame. So I definitely agree. I mean different people want different things and there were certainly a lot of "different"people coming to the New World. (Like those damn Puritans, Oh but their chicken fingers are so good!)