Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prompt 4

4. Why was France able to recover from the religious wars in contrast to Germany which was not?
The sole reason why France was able to recover opposed to Germany was because France became unified while Germany did not. The Germans weren't able to participate in the European economy after the war due to the fact they had little or no new world assets. The only income that was coming in was from the new worlds. The little assets/income Germany had were split through some of the German states. At the time Germany had 300 separate states so they had no unified capital. Opposed to France who was able to become a nation again to create a capital and participate in the European economy.
It's also important to note that a majority of the wars was fought on the German soil, damaging cities in Germany forcing it to be even more difficult to recover.



Atticus said...

I agree with Robbie. the only thing i would add or sugest is along with what he said about Germany not uniting, they didnt really have i centrilized govt. or single leader unlike france. You could say the Holy Roman Empire but in truth Germany was made up of small city states rulled by lords. The HRE didnt hold as much effect as the French king.

Sarah Hayes said...

Didn't France also have 300 area that had their own legal systems?