Saturday, October 18, 2008

Personally i believe Spain was doomed from the start for multiple reasons. One they where and had been kicking out some of their most talented persons and forcing them to go to other countries, the Jews. this was slowly eliminating Spain's working class, and because the Jews where so crafty there was now nothing worth exporting. 2nd Spain prospered under Phillip the II and became far to comfortable in living the high life. And that mind set of relax now work never carried on even after Phillip was dead and an inbred imbecile was king. so not only was Spain under a slightly mentally challenged leadership, but the lords where fat lazy and in no rush to do any thing about it. Lastly the defeat by the Dutch for the Netherlands was just plain embarrassing. And to have built a massive armada to conquer the dutch then England herself, only to have it in ruins even before it made it out of the English channel, Was the last great feat of the once mighty Spain.



Atticus said...

yes. the Spanish didnt have jobs, and they didnt care about anything but gold. they depopulated themselves and therefore shot themselves in the foot.

Laxgoalie21 said...
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