Monday, October 13, 2008

Prompt 4

For me, there is one very clear reason as to why France was able to recover from it's religious wars while Germany was not. In France the wars were purly of a religious nature. While it is true that the main reasons for the wars in Germany were religious, the states were also looking for independence from the Holy Roman Empire. The Huguenots in France wern't looking to break away from France, they just wanted the right to worship freely. At the end of the French civil wars, Henry IV passed the Edict of Nantes and solved the religious problem. When the Thirty Years' War ended in Germany, the Peace of Westphalia settled religious problems, but did nothing about the states plea for independence from the HRE. When it came to political matters, France was united, Germany was not.

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Sam Kirsch said...

I think the religious wars in France were politically motivated as well. They were attacks by the lords, towns, provinces, etc (entities with rights within the monarchy) against the reigning authority (king) in a bid for more power. And they gave rise to the Politiques, who were very politically motivated yet came as a product of the religious wars.