Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prompt 4

Fisrt of all, I was not sure if we were supposed to wait for another unit or just pick a new promt(this is why I wrote two comments but not a new post last week). But it seems like we were supposed to pick another one for the second week. So I will write two posts for this week instead. This is the first post.

I think France was able to recover from the religious wars in contrast to Germany because of fewer reigious minority and devoted leaders such as Henry IV and Richelieu. Huguenots in France only consisted of five percent of the population while there was no reigious majority in Germany. This was definitely a huge contributing factor. Also, Henry IV's decision to put civil order over religion - the politique concept - further enabled the french unification. Then, Richelieu solidified the royal absolutism by suppressing the Rochelle rebellion, prohibitting private warfare and ordering the destruction of all fortified castles.

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