Monday, October 13, 2008

Prompt 1

Prompt 1

I think the biggest European motivation to go to the new world was a combination of glory and gold. The Europeans were always trying to look for ways to be better than the other areas and having more land was one of those ways. Although glory was a major factor in the conquest to the new world, I beleive that an even more important reason was "gold". The conquistadors brought back plenty of goods to Europe such ad sugar and tobacco which made many people very rich. They could also use all this new land for farming which brought in some money.

And also I agree with atticus and alex the blog is very confusing but i think that now that i've done it before it wont be as confusing next time the only problem is finding the information that im looking for because there's so much stuff on the page.

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Denali said...

I still think that religion was the major factor after the discovery, and maybe more important than glory. I think the conquistadors were partly acting on the religious side, in a New World Crusade, since the "barbarism" of the native heathens was the major justification for the total destruction of their civilizations.