Thursday, October 9, 2008


I think the most import European motivation in the New World was gold. When Columbus sailed into America, he thought he reached the east side of India. His motivation from the beginning was to find another route to reach India, which was known for gold and spices. And although Spain didn’t find India as they hoped, they did find what they wanted in America: gold and silver. Cortes and Pizarro conquered Aztec and Inca, and plundered their gold and silver. Spanish, also found numerous gold deposits that provided Spain a constant flow of gold. Eventually, England and France, after settling their internal problems, entered the New World as well hoping to find gold. And growing Capitalism and Mercantilism further encouraged this movement.

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Erica Perkins said...

Good point. In finding the gold later on in the Americas, I think the result was glory. But, in the beginning, in finding the other routes and looking for them,I think the origin was glory.