Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prompt 3

It wouldn't have taken much for the Spanish to hold its power. All the Spanish had to have done is be more tolerant of others Religions. Spain should have recognized that the world was changing and it was inevitable that religious diversity would exist. If the Spanish realized this they would have never over extended their military by using imperialism on the rest of the world such as the Netherlands or Germany or England or even the new worlds. IF they had not gone into Netherlands they would have never lost the Spanish armada. The Spanish (if they accepted others) would also not have kicked out the Moriscos (Muslims). The Moriscos happened to be the hardest working members of the Spanish population, and anytime you kick out the top 200,000 best workers in a country you're in trouble. So really, if the Spanish had not been tolerant of others religions, most of/if not all of their problems would have been solved.

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