Sunday, October 19, 2008

Prompt 5

I think that there are definitely reoccurring patterns across the board in the rise and fall of world powers especially in Europe. The process of riseing and falling began as a slow one with examples like Rome, or Greece but they fell from the inside because of corrupt leadership, their boarders spread too far, and they were cut at the knees by attackers because they had already been weekend by themselves. As time has gone on however, the rise and fall has become a less time taxing process. With the fear of Universal Monarchy, the similarities between countries, Balance of power etc, the new 16 and 17th century Europe is like a wave of up and down. Spain grows exponentially in amount of power then loses it just as fast when they, like Rome get corrupt leadership, extend their boarders too far (new Americas, etc), and are at the same time at war with another country (Dutch).

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Sarah Hayes said...

nothing for me to say. you said it all