Thursday, December 4, 2008


As i leave the Salon, I am thinking about the women i just met. Mary Wollstonecraft is an exceptional women whose ideas were dazzling. Of course she was similar to mine however gave a new side. I, being Denis Diderot, believe all people are created equal and God certainly created us but we choose our own destiny. As I conversed with Mary, she enlightened me on many things. I always wondered why women were so insignificant in contributing to society. i honestly felt that they believed their only purpose in life was to please and entertain, and they chose that. This of course is preposterous because God created them equal to men, but i did truly believe this prior to my meeting with Ms. Wollstonecraft. She told me then women definitely had the mental capacity and the want to get educated and be able to contribute to such things as Salons, but most women did not choose to be illiterate, they simply had to be otherwise they wouldn't be accepted into society. they wouldn't fit in. She told me many women who did not attend salons criticized the women who did as entertainers of the men. I found her views quite interesting and hope to see her there again soon.


Sarah Hayes said...

Thank you Mr. Diderot. I am truly touched and pleased that my ideas changed your opinion on women.

SamStewart said...

Mr. Diderot, it was absolutely enlightening comparing and contrasting our ideas on natural goodness of man/all man created equal during the salon. Thank you for the fabulous conversation.
Great to catch up after so many years,
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Hilary Kane said...

I absolutely agree sir. I think women are essential to the benefits we all leave the salon with. We all have some angle of knowledge. However, more is gained when someone shares point of view with you.