Sunday, December 7, 2008

Salon response

In regards to the Salon and many conversations that I had, I must say that it was quite impressive with some people's views while others disapointed me. I wish to say thanks to all who attended and a big thank you to my friendn Voltaire for making an appearance despite the fact that we have had a sort of falling out with each other. I knew that neither of us would let a tiny inconvenience between the both of us get in the way of our ongoing friendship. He has truly come into his own with his inspirational talks of tolerance for religion, a strong belief of mine that i hold close. I wish to talk to him again, and hopefully rekindle our friendship. For those of you who believe that i look for more than a friend in this man, you are mistaken. Persih the thought!! I have never and will never be more than a friend to this man. On the subject of others that I conversed with, I was interested with Catherine the Great. She proved to know what she was talking about when talking of politics. She seemed to be quite the strong willed woman, as did Mary Wollstonecraft. her feminist ideals, although of no matter to me, were not my cup of tea, but she seemed like a lovely lady. I would like to thank all for attending the Salon and giving me a chance to meet you in person.

Frederick the Great


Rob Martin said...

Mr Great.
Thanks for talking with me and Mr Smith. I liked Mr. Smiths ideas of a free market system, and you expressed some interest, and I'm curious to see how it would work in Prussia.
Let me know how things in Prussia end up.


Lena said...

Frederick the Great,
I would like to thank you for your kind words about me and I did indeed enjoy your input in the salons also. I beleive you when you say that Voltaire is nothing more than a friend. He has a very enlightening view of the world and I think he works well in your courts.
Catherine the Great

Hilary Kane said...

I appreciate your sensitivity on the subject of our little falling out. Even though you showed a little too much interest in those young soldiers of yours, you showed a lot of class at the salon and I was glad to talk to you again.