Thursday, November 13, 2008

Which monarch was more important –Peter the Great or Frederick Wilhelm?

Peter the Great was more important then Fredrick. For one, Prussia did not last as long Russia and was not as powerful as Russia became. Before Peter the Great Russia was not a superpower and was essentially isolated from the rest of Europe. It was having problems with it's leaders and was in need of somebody powerful. Peter, who had lived in Europe throughout his life had a fascination of ship building. During his rule he saved Russian economy by taxing people particulary the lower class. He also replaced the Duma with a Senate that eventually was productive. All in all Peter the Great made Russia competition with all of hte other Powerful European nations.


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The Captain said...

I completely agree with Rob on this one. As much as Frederick Wilhelm did for Prussia, Peter just did twice as much for Russia. He literally had to build it up from ground zero; especially after the Battle of the Narve when Russia was horribly defeated by the Swedes (Charles XII). After the loss Peter completely rebuilt his army and its structure and even brought uniforms to it. Besides war Peter contributed to great Europeanization in Russia and basically made Russia a superpower.