Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How Peter the Great Westernized Russia

Peter the great gained power in 1689. He was annoyed with his country and wanted to make it a larger contender in the world. Peter wanted to make Russia more like Western Europe and so he toured Europe in search of ideas to incorporate into his country. He met engineers, kings, scientists, and ship builders and returned to his country with new ideas. He was so dedicated to modernizing his country that he hung 1200 elite army corps who did not want to westernize Russia. Peter also moved the capital of Russia to a new city named after himself called St. Petersburg. Peter increased his country's wealth and the strength of his armed forces.


SamStewart said...

Indeed Pick, when you say he brought back ideas from shipbuilders, scientists, etc in western Europe to Russia, he often brought not only the ideas but the thinkers themselves.

Barbara said...

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