Friday, November 7, 2008

To what degree and in what ways was Peter the Great successful in westernizing Russia?

Peter was successful because he had a lot of examples which he used in westernizing Russia. Russia was behind compared to the rest of Europe and while traveling through Europe, he had been influenced by the artists, kings, scientists and took the ideas of modern Europe and wove them into the westernization of Russia. He held high standards for people of power. Education was emphasized, and the military was educated in both math and science. This helped the naval officers better navigate which ultimately made the country’s military stronger.


Laxgoalie21 said...

i agree, the vibe i got from the book was that russians where regarded as a kind of barbarians, and Peter (by westernizing) threw off that title.

Becca DC said...

Yeah, the book seemed to enjoy elaborating on the way Europeans looked down on Russians. It went into great detail explaining the barbaric way Peter looked to western Europeans when he visited there for a year. I wonder how he then convinced 1,000 experts to come back with him to Russia?