Saturday, March 7, 2009

Could WWI have been avoided?

I do not think that WWI could have been prevented. Europe had a bit of a war mentality, so naturally a war would have started and at the time there was so much going on (a lot of new technology, odd alliances…), so it was a matter of time before a war started. I think that the assassination of Ferdinand set off the time bomb and was a good excuse to start war and it just happened to be in 1914. I think it could have started earlier, but there wasn't really enough reason.


The Captain said...

I agree with you, Erica. The reason why the war started in 1914 was because all the causes had compiled and compounded until finally the assassination provided the perfect excuse to start a war. It all had built up to that event and that year. Before 1914 things weren't at that same point of explosion. Russia may have still had her pride, different colonial disputes may not have occurred. Therefore I don't feel that WWI could have started any earlier.

Hanjae Lee said...

I agree it was a horrible but essential process toward more national-determination centered world