Sunday, February 15, 2009

How did Europeans define civilization? Do you agree? Do you have an alternative definition?

On this subject I really feel like I must agree with what Sam is saying as well as the comment Hanjae gave. I think that because the Europeans were ahead of the curve compared other countries in terms of the "modern" society, they used this idea to set the standard for what a true civilization actually was. This of course seems and was unfair to other countries such as Japan and many others, so no I definetely do not agree with how they defined civilization. If I were to give my input on what I think civilization is, I think that the best definition I could give would be generally any group or community of people who are characterized by the customs and settlements that involve and relate them. This may seem sort of general but I think that is the important thing to remember; that maybe the Europeans overcomplicated what they thought civilization was and it should be defined in a much more simpler and general way.

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Laxgoalie21 said...

Ben, i agree with both points made. because the europieans were the first to "modernize" does give them an unfair advantage. i agree with mot of your definition for civilization. personally i would discribe it as a group of people who have developed a system of living, that allows the individuals in that system to coexsist peacefully.